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The Benefits Of Inside RV & Boat Storage

Ideal for those seeking maximum security of their investment, indoor RV storage (or storage of any valuable toy) ultimately adds thousands of dollars to the trade-in & resale value of your vehicle.

Protecting expensive RV’s, Boats, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motor Homes and other vehicles from harsh weather is critical. Indoor storage virtually eliminates sun damage, which goes without saying can be very detrimental to roof, paint, tires, rubber moldings and caulking. Interior damage to window treatments, tints, coverings, woods, upholstery and fabrics due to excessive heat and direct light rays from the sun are also eliminated when RV’s, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motor Homes and Boats are stored at an indoor storage facility.

Tire cracking is caused by a combination of solar and ozone exposure, under inflation and being parked for extended periods of time. All tires age, but premature degradation from the outdoor elements can result in necessary tire replacement, a hefty expense.

Contact your insurance agent
& ask if indoor storage generates
a policy discount

Our clients entrust their favorite toys to our state-of-the-art security
RV & Boat Indoor Storage at Liberty Eliminates
  • Glass, Mirror & Plexi-Glass Water Stains
  • Paint or Gel Coat Oxidation
  • Roof Sealing/Coating Cracking
  • Rainwater Buildup on Canvas Covers
  • Birds Targeting Your Unit
  • Snakes, Rodents & Insects in the Vehicle
  • Bleaching and/or Rotting Canvas CC & Awnings
  • The Need To Detail Several Times Annually to Protect the Finish
It’s extremely important for tires to be continually inspected for proper inflation, a service Liberty provides Free of Charge to its indoor clients. Tires that have been allowed to go flat can, in a matter of seconds, cause substantial damage to the vehicle, loss of control as well as serious injury and possibly death to the driver and passengers.

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